Charles Clifford

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Author of:

Docker & Kubernetes on AWS 2020: Elastic Container Service (ECS) & Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

AWS Solution Architect Associate & AWS Cloud Practitioner Certifications 2019: The Next Level Guide

Sybase Replication Server Primer

Mastering Sybase SQL Server 11

Professional Experience:

~30 yrs on the cutting/bleeding edge of system, software, and data architectures, on an enterprise scale, as well as global.

Education: BA – Geology; MS – Management Sci & Info Systems (‘87, thesis – UI for UNIX)

Pure and applied research in end user computing.

VP Global systems for Wall St Capital Markets – data architect & senior engineer of globally distributed Collateralized Debt Obligations, Derivatives, Mortgaged-backed Securities, Private Banking systems

Sybase MVP – SQL Server 11 and Replication Server

MSFT Center of Excellence – globally distributed CodeSign and Secure License Key systems. (proto-Azure)

If you have downloaded Microsoft software or a product license, then you have used my systems.

Independent Consulting in big data and cloud computing.

Since 2016, a certified Hadoop Engineer and Systems Integrator Bronze Partner with Hortonworks in Q1 2016 and now with Cloudera.

Azure (2010); AWS (2011-present); GCP(2015)

Helping clients resolve their Big Data problems and transcend their AWS Cloud challenges.

Information Systems forensics on Big Balls of Mud; SLAs; cost-over runs; GDPR

Lead AWS Greenfield projects

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