Gradualist Approach


Each existing system/application/service has its own collection of design patterns - the good, the bad, and the truly ugly. To understand a problem, you need a clear explanation of the problem by reference to causes now in operation (given the existing bad to truly ugly design patterns that are present).

The gradualist approach has two guard-rails:

  1. No process are to be explained that are not present in the material world.
  2. No actions are to be admitted except those of which we know the principle present in the material world.

This gradualist approach makes progress by extracting and digesting more material facts (i.e., valid information) present in the material world, as well as making progress by improving analytic methods in regards to those facts, their spacial relations, their temporal relations, and temporal-spacial relations. No worries, system troubles are just puzzles waiting to be solved by the champions.

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Since 2016, a certified Hadoop Engineer and Systems Integrator Bronze Partner with Hortonworks in Q1 2016 and now with Cloudera.

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