What is NiFi?

At its creation in 2006, the National Security Agency (NSA) put everything possible into NiFi to make it the best and most useful information data platform, on the globe. Moreover, since 2006, the NSA has run NiFI in large scale information production environments. By doing that, the NSA has proven the long-range value and benefit of NiFi. As such, you can depend on NiFi for superior information service over the long haul.

In Q4, 2014, the NSA conveyed NiFI to the Apache community.

Why NiFi?

Businesses need an agile information platform to quickly build, test, and scale new application services and react to the digital disruption occurring in their markets. Digital disruption is accelerating because of the increasing integration of processes and information to yield real-time decisions.

Organizations are attracted to NiFi because it is an integrated, turnkey platform offering (on premise or in the cloud), that provides the key tools which help organizations adapt to the rapid growth of information devices and cloud-based resources, including information, applications, services, compute, network bandwidth, and storage.

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Key Features

  • Blend data quickly, and easily
  • Select from 130+ easy-to-use drag & drop information processors
  • Run data ingress/egress scripts (JavaScript, Python, Bash, Ruby, ...)
  • Seamless experience for design, control, and monitoring
  • real time command and control of onformation;
  • SSL, SSH, HTTPS, encrypted content, etc...
  • LDAP & Kerberos
  • Pluggable role-based authentication/authorization ... extended to support your specific needs
  • Loss tolerant vs guaranteed delivery
  • Low latency vs high throughput
  • Drag & drop data format conversion, compression & encryption
  • Dynamic prioritization
  • Flows can be modified at runtime
  • Buffering and Back pressure handled for you by the platform
  • Track each information object, in each dataflow, from beginning to end, in real-time, as well as when trouble-shooting data lineage.
  • Supports internal Data Governance and Master Data Management (MDM) audits, as well as data enrichment policies, information best practices, and compliance regulations.
  • Build your own Information Processor to meet your specific needs by combining existing Processors to create hybrid information flows, and more, much more.
  • Platform enables rapid development, and effective testing, of your optimized data flow eco-system.
  1. File Transfer
  2. Shared Data Store
  3. Remote Procedure Invocation
  4. Messaging

With these 4 patterns combined together in a single, easy to use, NiFi platform the possibilities are - with a little insight - considerable!

You use NiFi to ...

  • supports highly configurable directed graphs that securely blend and transform information data;
    • big and small
    • fast and slow
    • intermitantly available or always connected
  • provide system mediation logic which enhances information:
    • data quality
    • data enrichment
    • master data management
    • data governance
  • readily scale information processing horizontally.


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With SG, your NiFi solution is crafted by a certified Cloudera System Integrator Bronze Partner.

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With SG, your NiFi solution is crafted by a certified Cloudera System Integrator Bronze Partner.

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With SG, your NiFi solution is crafted by a certified Cloudera System Integrator Bronze Partner.

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